Specifications & Features

Moncha.NET is a new Ethernet laser show controller with one ILDA output, one DMX output and one DMX input.


Thanks to small size, it is a perfect OEM controller even for low-cost laser show systems. It's working completely over Ethernet in real time, or it is even possible to control it over DMX or in stand-alone mode. We provide also additional board for Moncha.NET. It allows you to control your Moncha.NET using display and directional keys. 


Main benefits

•  Three ways to control: Ethernet, DMX, Stand-alone

•  Possibility to add special board with display: external ILDA, safety key support, X and Y invert integrated

•  40kpps maximal scan rate is good even for graphics shows

•  Uses standard SD-card with size up to 32GB to store up to 254 complete laser shows

•  You can use any SD-card reader to change the contents of card

•  You can store up to 20 hours of laser show on one SD-card

•  Laser safety - brightness map works also in DMX or Stand-alone mode

•  Fades in brightness map

•  Color optimization - color balance and fade curves on SD-card (works in DMX or Stand-alone mode)

•  Remote control over Ethernet or even Internet (public IP address required) - upload frames and shows, configure stand- alone mode, configure brightness map and color optimization

•  DMX 512 output


OEM or full version?

We provide Moncha.NET as OEM version, or complete box version.

Moncha.NET box version

OEM version is perfect if you want to integrate laser system controller inside your laser system. The benefit is obvious - you'll never forget your laser controller at home.

Box version is good if you already have laser system and you just need easy stable Ethernet/DMX/Stand-alone laser show controller. We've integrated Moncha.NET into one small box, which is equipped with practical display with huge control possibilities.


Control possibilities


1. Ethernet

You can control Moncha.NET device in real time e.g. using Moncha.NET software. While you create graphics or shows, you'll be able to preview all your work on your laser system, even using wireless Wi-Fi signal.

You can also create laser show effects or complete laser shows and save them to Moncha.NET's SD-Card. Since SD-Card uses standard FAT32 file system, you can use any cheap card reader to do that.

But Moncha.NET comes with great possibility to upload animations or shows directly from software. Remotely you can also setup stand alone mode, define brightness map or control color balance and color fade curves.

In Ethernet mode Moncha.NET allows you to control also DMX devices.


2. DMX

You can store up to 254 different animations or even complete laser shows on your SD-Card. Using DMX you can switch among the animations. You can also set all the required properties of drawing - size, position, rotation, brightness, scan-rate, animation speed, color, ...

Since you can use SD-Card with size up to 32GB, it's no problem to store up to 20 hours of high quality laser show on one card.


3. Stand-alone (auto play)

Moncha.NET allows you to use it without any computer or DMX controller. It's perfect especially for advertisement or some other special applications, where no computer is required.

It is possible to define file to play using DIP switch or even using special text file stored on the SD-Card. This allows you to play files remotely, which is perfect feature especially for laser advertisement. Using Ethernet upload feature you can also change stored shows and animations.


Color optimization

Other common problem is color optimization. Some lasers require to display blue color with a little green (e.g. cheap 405nm lasers). This is also solved in Moncha.NET - full color optimization is applied in real time (also in DMX and in Stand-alone mode). You can define separate color channel levels for every basic color - White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan and Magenta. Like this you can easily configure e.g. white color balance.

Usually there is also problem with color fades, especially by low cost DPSS lasers. Moncha.NET allows you do define fade curve for every color channel separately. Like this fading problem can be solved.

Color balance optimization setting and color channel fade curve settings are stored on SD-card in simple text file. This file can be easily changed remotely over Ethernet/Internet.

It is also important to note, these optimizations and brightness map are applied in real time! So it's not required to export scenes and shows again when you change some setting!


Software support

Moncha.NET device is now supported by latest version of Moncha software (running on all present Windows operating systems). We also provide Software Development Kit for developers, who'll be interested in developing custom special laser show applications.

Moncha.NET Software

There is an additional feature in Moncha.NET software to upload any scenes from your workspace to your Moncha.NET SD-card. This allows you to create effects and upload them to Moncha.NET device immediately.


Complete feature list

•  Standard ILDA output

•  16 bit X and Y axes

•  4x 8bit color output

•  Maximal scan rate 40000pps

•  DMX 512 output

•  DMX 512 input

•  100MBit Ethernet

•  DIP switch (for IP/DMX address or setting stand-alone file to play)

•  Additional board with control display, external ILDA, safety key, X and Y invert support

•  3 control modes: Ethernet, DMX, stand-alone

•  Standard SD-card, FAT 32 file system up to 32 GB size

•  Up to 254 different animations, effects or complete shows can be stored on SD-card

•  17 DMX channels used to control: position (16bit), size, rotation (16bit), brightness, color, animation speed, animation direction, scan-rate

•  Remotely controllable over Ethernet or Internet with public IP address (real-time drawing, upload frames/shows, change color optimization settings, change brightness map, control stand-alone mode, ...)

For more information please visit Moncha's Website.