Moncha.go 2

Specifications & Features

Moncha.go2 is a full-package Ethernet laser show controller from showtacle company.

Full size ILDA connector allows you to use this device with every standard ILDA laser show system.

It’s 3 in 1 laser show controller (also called DAC=Digital Analog Converter), because you can use it with software, using Art-Net, and in stand alone mode.


Main benefits

•  Three ways to control: software, DMX Art-Net, Stand-alone

•  Plug and play product for every laser with standard ILDA input

•  Small size 80 x 64 x 22 mm

•  Lifetime Moncha software included for free

•  You can store up to 20 hours of laser show on the 64Gb SD-card

•  100.000pps speed (Points per Second)

•  Power adapter included

Control possibilities


1. Ethernet

You can control Moncha.go2 device in real time e.g. using Moncha/Fiesta software (available for both MAC OS and Windows system).

You can also create laser show effects or complete laser shows and save them to Moncha.go2's SD-Card. 

Since SD-Card uses standard FAT32 file system, you can use any cheap card reader to do that.

But Moncha.go2 comes with great possibility to upload animations or shows directly from software. 

Remotely you can also setup stand alone mode, define brightness map or control color balance and color fade curves.


2. Art-Net DMX

You can store up to 255 different animations or even complete laser shows on your SD-Card. 

Using DMX you can switch among the animations. You can also set all the required properties of drawing - size, position, rotation, brightness, scan-rate, animation speed, color, ...

Since you can use SD-Card with size up to 64GB, it's no problem to store up to 20 hours of high quality laser show on one card.


3. Stand-alone (auto play)

Moncha.box2 allows you to use it without any computer or DMX controller. 

It's perfect especially for advertisement or some other special applications, where no computer is required.

It is possible to define file to play using DIP switch or even using special text file stored on the SD-Card. 

This allows you to play files remotely, which is perfect feature especially for laser advertisement. 

Using Ethernet upload feature you can also change stored shows and animations.


Complete feature list

•  Standard ILDA output

•  12 bit X and Y axes

•  4x 12bit color output

•  Maximal scan rate 100000pps

•  10/100MBit Ethernet

•  3 control modes: Software,  DMX Art-Net, Stand-alone

•  Standard SD-card, FAT 32 file system up to 64 GB size

•  Up to 255 different animations, effects or complete shows can be stored on SD-card

•  20 DMX channels used to control: position (16bit), size, rotation (16bit), brightness, color, 

   animation speed, animation direction, scan-rate

•  Remotely controllable over Ethernet or Internet with public IP address 

•  Practical web configuration allows you to set all the basic and even advanced parameters using your iPhone or

   Android device. You can set IP address, drawing size, brightness, color balance and many more settings. 

For more information please visit Moncha's Website.